To bring purpose to value-based companies that envision social leadership as a commitment and responsibility to their community.

Founder of Purpose Collective

Rebecca Smillie had a vision that community investment could be more than a transaction; that it could be driven by thoughtful input and meaningful partnerships.

Everyday, Rebecca works to create wide-scale, meaningful change. With a mixed background in not-for-profit, fundraising, and management consulting, Rebecca believes that business and impact are a match made in heaven.


at Purpose Collective

Alex, previous owner of a large painting company was able to create over $300,000 of revenue in her first year of business. Through managing a large network of engaged team members and hundreds of customers, she found new ways of using purpose to elevate impact and productivity.

With a detailed mind and a sharp eye for business return Alex works to bring an objective and critical mind the portfolio of corporations she serves.

our culture

define it

tell your story

walk your talk

spread the word

encourage input

share the love

Wide-Scale Purposeful Change

When you do things with intention, you create impact. Working with purpose means mindfully building exceptional strategies that make passionate contributions.

The Lift

We create results. The sustainability of your investment is the most important facet of what we do. Together we define progress and build measurable goals.

Our Values

Relationships First

Respect, honesty, open communication—authentic relationships are the key to our success.

We are a no nonsense, ethics-based company.


We’re accountable to our clients, the relationships that we build, and the strategic alliances that we help form. Each partnership is fostered through trust and integrity.

We use out-of-the-box, creative strategies to establish, develop, and build long-term, sustainable relationships between corporations and their communities.