Some companies just get it. Being a partner of the community means providing more fulfilling experiences for customers. JOEY Restaurants reached all-star status with a local campaign they ran in their restaurants.  How are JOEY Restaurants actively engaging their staff and customers in their community impact strategy? Through their Scoop Of Care Program.

Scoop Of Care

Last year JOEY Restaurants committed to donating a dollar from each scoop of ice-cream sold in their restaurants to a local charity. They continued this program for the summer of 2017 with a new flair. They challenged staff to share with their guests that a percentage of sales from their Raspberry Butterscotch Budino would be given to charity. First off… Raspberry Butterscotch Budino; IT’S AMAZING. Everyone should have one. The delicious nature of the dessert makes it an easy sell, and challenging staff to share the campaign with each customer…sounds like a simple strategy, but only if executed properly.

How JOEY Restaurants executed

JOEY Restaurants actively involved their staff in choosing a local charity. A staff member from each location acts as a community champion for their local charity and educates the rest of the staff for the greatest impact. This gained the buy-in and excitement of the team and meant that the team was equipped to make a difference. Because their employees are involved in the charity selection, educated on the cause, and inspired to make a difference, they have become advocates for the Scoop Of Care Program. And with that advocacy means better more meaningful conversation with guests. Needless to say, guests are provided a more fulfilling dining experience because of the meaningful conversations they got to have with their servers. 

This passion generated throughout the company has allowed JOEY Restaurants to create waves in their community. Customers of the establishment resonate with the program because it is clear that their staff is excited to be making a difference. 

JOEY Restaurant Group is one of many companies who realize that a whole community is one where companies and community members work together to create positive outcomes. We are excited to see what JOEY Restaurants will be scooping up next summer to invest in their community.

Community investment is simple and effective, but creating buy-in (from all stakeholders) is what is needed to ensure the greatest impact is made.

– Alex Welsh

Strategist, Purpose Collective