Impact in Moments

Sometimes impact is simple. It’s about intersection. How can we intersect the day-to-day tendencies and habits of business with moments of meaning? For instance, something as simple as events. As business owners, we purchase event tickets on the weekly. We use them for networking, as a sign of support, or as an experience for ourselves. But could there be more to it than that? Could it be possible to double our intention?

 Earl at Optimax Benefits’ intention was to support a friend who sat on committee. The tickets had been purchased for the Racing for a Cure event: An annual event that thrilled passengers at high speeds in the cars of their dreams. The proceeds would be donated to the Kids with Cancer Society. But Earl had ridden in fancy cars before. How could we do more with them? Who could they impact? Through a conversation with Kari at Big Brothers Big Sisters, we found Allistair and Donald. Donald, at 15 years of age liked cars almost as much as he loved video games. On June 24th, 2017, I spent the morning with Allistair and Donald at Racing for a Cure. For Earl these tickets were an act of support and a gift made with good intention, but for Allistair and Donald, the tickets meant a shared memory. An experience. Five minutes of breathlessness, and day spent wrapped in the excitement of lively event grounds.

Five minutes of breathlessness, and day spent wrapped in excitement.

From Allistair: 

“We’re both thrilled to have raced in super cars (how many people can say they’ve done that?!) and it’s experiences like this one that shape our friendship. While our match through the Big Brothers Big Sisters program is only one small part of his life, when I see how he has grown and changed over the three years we’ve been matched I know that everything we’ve done together has made a big difference to his future.

Donald and I were matched back in 2014, when Donald was 12. Our introductory meeting was a little awkward, as was our first outing (we went bowling) – Donald was shy and quiet, and I was nervous and unsure how to start our new friendship. I learnt that his mum doesn’t drive and his dad is often away for work, so we made it our goal to get outside as much as possible and try new things that Donald wouldn’t usually be able to do.

Since then we’ve been able to experience so much together, from outdoor paintball to Minecraft events at the library to indoor printmaking. Not every activity is a complete success, and sometimes when we get into the car at the end of the night we look at each other and grin and say “yep, not doing that again!”

But most of the things we do together are great experiences, and participating in the Race for a Cure definitely falls under that “amazing” category of activities we’ll never forget. Donald was thrilled to be in a Ferarri 458 Spider (he loves cars and could quote that model number off the top of his head when I asked him). It was by far the fastest he’d ever driven in his life, I’m not going to lie – I had an absolute blast too!” – Allistair

Impact can be simple. It’s about taking the every day and doing good with it.


-Rebecca Smillie

Founder, Purpose Collective